Makeup Carrier

Between Sephora, Mac and every other huge makeup company, it’s safe to say I buy too much makeup but, that doesn’t keep me from buying more! I’m sure I’m not alone in this cosmetic conundrum. Well, since we both know there is plenty more makeup to come, it’s time to get organized!

Makeup Carrier

You’ll need:

2 — 12x 12 in. fabric
2 — 12x 5 in. fabric
2 — 12x 3 in. fabric
1 — 4 in. elastic
1 — old t-shirt
3 — 3in. Rope

Begin by cutting out each piece of fabric and pinning each fabric to it’s mate. Make sure the right side of the fabrics are facing each other before you pin them.

On a sewing machine, sew together the 12x 12in pieces of fabric, leaving a 3 inch opening to flip the fabric right sides out. Do the same with other two fabric mates. Once everything has been sewn, iron each fabric piece flat.

It’s time to start forming the makeup carrier! Fold the 12x 12in sewn piece of fabric in half. Whichever side of fabric you want on the outside, have on the inside. Pin the 12x 5in fabric to one of the sides. Measure how big you want each section to be and draw a line with a pencil. Sew the sides and bottom of the fabric and then the drawn lines, leaving the top open.
*Remember to unfold the 12x 12in fabric before sewing.

Now pin the 12x 3in fabric on top of the 12x 5in one and sew the bottom, the sides, and if you choose, the middle.

Place the sewn carrier on top of the t-shirt of your choice. Trace along the edge of the carrier but remember to cut the shirt out slightly bigger. Cut out both the front and the back of the shirt. Face the right sides of the fabric towards each other and pin them. Sew along the edges and leave a 3 inch space to flip it the right side out.

Once you finished sewing the shirt, pin it to the back of the makeup carrier and sew along the edges. Cut three 3inch pieces of fabric or rope and attach one in the shape of a U to the top of the carrier and sew the other two strings to the other side. The strings will allow you to tie close your new makeup carrier!

Cat Lady Pillow

You can never have too many shoes, friends or cats. Cats are a girls best friend. I think thats how the saying goes. No one can deny the cuteness of a cat, and no one among us can honestly say that they haven’t wasted an afternoon… or two…. falling down the rabbit hole of viral cat videos. I’m not sure if it’s their sophisticated demeanor or their lack of interest in EVERYTHING, but I love them and aspire to one day be a Cat Lady. Some might say that there is a big difference between Cat Woman and a Cat Lady, but I just don’t see it. Both are amazing!

You’ll need…

A sewing machine
A hand sewing needle
Thread of your choice
2 12in x 12in Brown fabric
Misc. fabric for quilted front.
Newspaper for pattern
Batting for pillow


Newspaper patterns are the easiest way to make a pattern, so lets begin there. Sketch a cat silhouette on a sheet of newspaper. Cut along the outline.

Pin the pattern to the two 12in x 12in brown pieces of fabric. With a piece of chalk draw along the newspaper, leaving a half inch between the outline and the chalk line. Once the cat is drawn on the fabric, cut along the chalk outline.

Take two small pieces of fabric, with different patterns, and sew them together with pattern side facing each other. If done right, when you open the fabric the patterns on both pieces are facing up. Continue to sew together different swatches until you reach a 12in x 12in pieced cloth.

Pin one of the brown cat outlines to the patterned cloth and sew them together. Cut along side the cat outline. Now you will have one cat shaped brown fabric and one cat shaped quilted fabric.

Match the two fabrics together, make sure to have the patterned fabric on the inside and the two brown cats are on the outside.

Sew together the cat outlines leaving about three inches open to flip the pillow inside out. Once the cat pillow is right side out, stuff the pillow with batting and sew closed the

Finally, exactly what you’ve been waiting for! Your very own cat pillow!

Body Butter

We are almost there…. Spring is only a few days away! We’re gonna make it! Mmm… short sleeve shirts, sunny weather, and dare I say, ” Shorts???” Mama just bought a new pair of shorts and I can’t wait to wear them! 60 degree weather and shorts just don’t match… trust me I tried. Oh, but you’re saying, “No, no, no skin isn’t ready! It’s still recovering from winter!” Don’t worry, my babies. This body butter is going to show you the way to Spring, and softer skin ;-).


1/3 c. Shea Butter
1/3 c. Cocoa Butter
1/3 c. Coconut oil

Place Shea butter, Cocoa butter and Coconut oil in a small sauce pan. On a low heat begin to melt the butters and oil. Once the ingredients are completely liquified remove from heat and place in the freezer.

Leave the body butter mixture in the freezer until it is completely hardened (around 45 minutes).

Next, using a hand mixer whip the body butter so that the mixture becomes light and creamy.

Put the the body butter in a container and let it set in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes. Once the body butter is set, slather it all over your sweet bod and get ready for the warm days of spring!

Dinosaur Lovers

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not show someone how much you care with these Dinosaur Lovers. If Dinosaurs don’t scream I LOVE YOU, I don’t know what does? Or, maybe Valentine’s isn’t your thing, maybe you’ll be spending this holiday home alone? In that case make some dinosaur friends. They’re just friends, absolutely nothing is going on between them. They’ve never even thought about each other in that way. Either way dinosaurs are great, Steven Spielberg agrees!


1 C. All Purpose Flour
1/4 C. Salt
3/4 C. Water

2 1/2 in. by 2 in. Magnetic tape
Assorted Acrylic paints
Hot glue/ Hot glue gun

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Mix the dry ingredients first. Slowly, add the water until the mixture forms a ball. Knead the dough a few times so that it becomes smooth and feels like clay.

Roll the dough out with a rolling pin, so that the dough is a 1/8 of an inch thick. Using a dinosaur cookie cutter, cut out two dinosaurs and remove the excess dough. With a spatula pick up the figures and place them on a parchment paper lined baking pan. Remember to flip one of the figures over so that they face each other and smooth out the edges.

Bake the figures for fifteen minutes, remove from the oven and flip them over. Place the pan back in the oven and bake for another fifteen minutes. (If your dough gets puffy during the baking process, apply pressure to the figures, at the half way point, using a pot holder so that they flatten out.)

When they are finished baking, remove them from the oven and place them on a cooling rack. Once they are completely cool it’s time to paint! I used Martha Stewart Pearl Acrylic Paint.
Once the dinosaurs are completely dry, flip them over and adhere the magnetic tape.

You are going to need to use a hot glue gun to adhere the magnets to the back of your dinosaurs. Now, you’re ready to show your bae just how much you love them….. or keep them for yourself…. I’ll be keeping it for myself.

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