Cat Lady Pillow

You can never have too many shoes, friends or cats. Cats are a girls best friend. I think thats how the saying goes. No one can deny the cuteness of a cat, and no one among us can honestly say that they haven’t wasted an afternoon… or two…. falling down the rabbit hole of viral cat videos. I’m not sure if it’s their sophisticated demeanor or their lack of interest in EVERYTHING, but I love them and aspire to one day be a Cat Lady. Some might say that there is a big difference between Cat Woman and a Cat Lady, but I just don’t see it. Both are amazing!

You’ll need…

A sewing machine
A hand sewing needle
Thread of your choice
2 12in x 12in Brown fabric
Misc. fabric for quilted front.
Newspaper for pattern
Batting for pillow


Newspaper patterns are the easiest way to make a pattern, so lets begin there. Sketch a cat silhouette on a sheet of newspaper. Cut along the outline.

Pin the pattern to the two 12in x 12in brown pieces of fabric. With a piece of chalk draw along the newspaper, leaving a half inch between the outline and the chalk line. Once the cat is drawn on the fabric, cut along the chalk outline.

Take two small pieces of fabric, with different patterns, and sew them together with pattern side facing each other. If done right, when you open the fabric the patterns on both pieces are facing up. Continue to sew together different swatches until you reach a 12in x 12in pieced cloth.

Pin one of the brown cat outlines to the patterned cloth and sew them together. Cut along side the cat outline. Now you will have one cat shaped brown fabric and one cat shaped quilted fabric.

Match the two fabrics together, make sure to have the patterned fabric on the inside and the two brown cats are on the outside.

Sew together the cat outlines leaving about three inches open to flip the pillow inside out. Once the cat pillow is right side out, stuff the pillow with batting and sew closed the

Finally, exactly what you’ve been waiting for! Your very own cat pillow!

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