Party Favors

Party’s are meant to have fun, not to stress! Leave it to me, I got you girl. Put that weary mind to rest, I know what you’re making for party favors and your guests are going to love them. Run to the craft store and buy some twine because this party favor making is about to get real.

Party Favors

You’ll need….

3×4 Paper favor bags
Color Twine
Clear Cellophane (If filling the bags with food)
Card Stock
Large Eye Sewing Needle

Party Favors

These particular party favors were for a rehearsal dinner, the night before the wedding, and they wanted to set the tone for the whole weekend. The card on the party favors read “A celebration of love and friendship”. For your favors find the message or theme you want and print it on card stock. Once your cards are printed cut them out and thread with the twine. Using a large eye sewing needle, make one hole on the bottom of the card and one hole on the top. Next, thread the twine through. I used a twenty four inch thread for the label.

For the rehearsal dinner we filled each paper bag with biscotti. If you decide to fill the bags with food, remember to wrap it in cellophane so that the oils won’t seep through.

After stuffing the bags with biscotti, fold the top of the bag over. Using the large eye needle that you’ve threaded, make a hole with the needle at the top of the bag and pull the thread through. Make another hole slightly spaced and pull the needle and twine through. I used a sixteen inch thread for the top of the bag.

Place the card on the bag, make sure to wrap the twine around the bag, having the two threads meet at the top. Tie the top threads together, then the label threads, and then tie both sets together. Make a bow with the twine and you’re set!