White Squirrel Festival


As we go about our daily lives, it’s easy to forget to enjoy the simply things. It’s easy to forget that there’s a life outside of work, deadlines, and the day to day bustle. Being from a large city myself, I couldn’t imagine a slower way of life, but in fact they do exist. After moving to the country, I realized that not only are there people who live this way, but entire towns as well. Towns that throw three day long festivals in honor of their rare and adorable mascots. This past weekend I spent the majority of three days soaking in the allure of small town living and celebrating the Memorial Day weekend.

On May 27th the White Squirrel Festival began with music and art. Over the length of three days locals, visitors and neighbors, far and wide, were able to enjoy all that Brevard had to offer. The event was filled with food trucks from all around the region, booths selling wares adorned with white squirrels, and like any good southern festival, pony rides for the kids.

The White Squirrel Festival is always held on Memorial Day weekend, a way to celebrate and remember. A parade to honor our fallen soldiers and thank those who have served, started promptly at nine in the morning, followed by an event, I have only witnessed on Little Rascal reruns, a soap box derby race for all ages. The evenings swarmed with people eating traditional festival food, drinking local brews, and listening to an assortment of live music.

With an Oskar Blues Pale Ale in hand, I took to the night enjoying folky rock music and consuming all the delicious food they had to offer. A Chicken Gyro, and Philly Cheesesteak later, it was time for dessert. The Velvet Cup was my destination and no one was going to stop me. Although the need for coffee drew me to their truck, the warm, soft, sugar and cinnamon coated mini doughnuts have me dreaming of the next time our roads will cross.IMG_1977

The White Squirrel Festival had a winning combination of good music and great food, but most importantly it was a fun time to be had. It was a time to slow down and remember what brought us all together and remember those who have and continue to fight for us and our rights.

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