Popcorn Sliders

Summer is almost over but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any more fun to come! One of my favorite things on rainy summer days is to binge watch movie after movie. Comedy, Black and white, Drama, if its on, I’m watching. Before Labor Day hits and everyone goes back to their regularly scheduled lives, it’s time to round up the troupes to have a few more get togethers. Next movie night create some fun with these popcorn sliders.

Popcorn Sliders


For popcorn:
1/4 c. Popcorn
1/3 c. Popcorn Kernels

For Sliders:

6 c. Popped Popcorn
1/2 c. Coconut shreds
1/2 c. Almond Slivers
1/4 c. Coconut Oil
1/2 c. Honey
1/2 tsp. Salt
1/2 tsp. Almond extract
1 1/2c. Chocolate (dealers choice)
Cupcake Liners

Makes 12


If you’ve never popped your own popcorn, it’s pretty easy. Place 1/4 cup coconut oil into a large pot, heat on low. Place three popcorn kernels in the oil and put a lid on it. Wait till all three kernels have popped. If the kernels are taking a while, turn the heat up slightly. Once all three test kernels have popped, pour 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels into the pot and cover with a lid. When the popping starts to slow, remove the pot from the heat and allow it to rest until the popping completely stops. Put the popcorn in a large bowl and sprinkle with salt. Now you’re ready!

In a microwavable bowl place 1/4 cup coconut oil and 1/2 a cup of honey. Heat until the ingredients have melted, about 30 seconds. Once they are melted, add 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract and mix.

Remove any of the kernels that haven’t popped from the popcorn bowl. Add 1/2 cup of almond slivers and 1/2 cup of coconut shreds to the popcorn and mix Next, add the honey mixture to the popcorn mixture and thoroughly coat the popcorn.

Spoon a small amount of chocolate onto the bottom of lined cupcake tins. Pile popcorn onto the chocolate, making sure to push the popcorn down into the chocolate. Place the cupcake tins into the freezer, so that the chocolate can harden.

Once the chocolate is set, take them out of the freezer and enjoy!